About Us

This is the Epic tale of not just another business, but…


Nick Schmeck was born and raised in the Tri-Cities, and has worked in the fabrication industry since 2006. Will Rencehausen moved to the Tri-Cities in 1995 from Carlsbad, NM and has worked in the printing industry since 1989. What started as a friendship in 2005 based on powerlifting, Harleys and enjoying the outdoors, turned into a tight knit collective of family and friends.

After years of talking and making plans to venture into business together, they recognized a need in the Tri-Cities community and surrounding areas for a quality powder coating operation and the ability to perform mobile eco-blasting without harming the Columbia Basin Region. Great American Powder Coating & Eco Blasting was formed in partnership with Richard Bogert and Cathy Bogert, the corporate team of the Bogert Group of Companies and long-time local business owners. Will and Nick got their certification from Powder-X, the company selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to be the powder coating consultant for the space shuttle project.

Their commitment to their community, customer service and quality results will show with each and
every job they complete. Let the journey begin!